About project

Project: «Assistance in development of transborder cooperation between Belarus Euroregions by means of creation and further management of web-site». The project was developed by Brest transboundary infocentre structural unit of BRCUE “CINTR”

Aim of the project – development of united web-portal in Russian and English, containing information about activities of each Euroregion, about international programmes, covering the territory of Euroregion (-s), about terms and conditions of participation of Belarusian organizations in Calls of proposals, Belarusian legislation, regulating realization of international technical aid projects in Belarus.

There are five Euroregions on the territory of the Republic of Belarus: «Neman», «Ozerny krai», «Dnepr», «Belovezhskaya Puscha», «Bug». Belarusian Euroregions don’t have their own web-sites.

Creation of unified informational portal will help to attract and involve more and more people and organizations into the process of development of project in the frame of International Programmes. Projects addressing social-economical problems of the regions.

This web-site will help to solve the problem of prompt exchange of information and experience between Belarusian Euroregions.

Developed web-site will give an opportunity to coordinate activities of Euroregions with Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of economy of Republic of Belarus, regional executive committees, TACIS coordination office. Aforementioned Ministries and committees will be able to post all necessary information regarding international technical assistance to Republic of Belarus, and provide required assistance to applicants.

The Project is supported by Eurasia Foundation, funds are provided by Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the Great Britain, USA International Development Agency USAID.

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Brest transboundary infocentre will be maintaining the web-site www.beleuroregion.by after the end of the project.

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