Euroregion "Neman"



General information

Agreement on creation of Euroregion “Neman” was signed on June 6th, 1997 by Grodno region (Belarus), Suvalsky voevodship (Poland), Alitussky and Mariapolsky uyezd (Lithuania), and, at the same time its articles were adopted.

Euroregion “Neman” unites from Belarusian side – Grodno region, from Polish side (since 1998) – Podliaska voevodship, from Lithuanian side – Mariampol, Alitussk and Vilnussky regions (poviety), from Russian side (since 2002) – Cherniakhov, Krasnoznamensk, Ozersk, Gusev and Nesterov districts of Kaliningradsk region.

Territory of Euroregion – 69,8 thousand sq. km.
Population of Euroregion is about 3,6 million people
Cities of the Euroregion: Grodno, Lida (Republic of Belarus), Suvalki, Lomzha, Avgustov (Republic of Poland), Vilnus, Alitus, Mariampol (Lithuania), Ozersk, Nesterov (Russia).

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Brief information about natural, economical and logistic peculiarities of the Euroregion:

Main water way of the Euroregion is river Neman, which is the third largest river in Belarus. Its length is 937 km.


Augustov Chanel is also well known; it merges Neman river basin and Visla river basin.

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Forests cover more than 1/3 of the Euroregion’s territory. Large forests were preserved such as Nalibokski forest, Lipichansk forest, Grafsk forest and partially Belovezhskaya Puscha.

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Economy of the Euroregion is represented by companies working in food industry, wood-processing industry, fuel industry, machine building industry.


As far as Euroregion covers territory of four countries it is of great importance for the region to develop transport and communication systems together with tourism infrastructure, roadside service.

There is free economic zone «Grodnoinvest» in Grodno and Lida.

Marvelous architectural ensembles play leading role in cultural heritage of the Euroregion. Memorials of various epochs and styles are in splendid union to each other; they depict hard and complicated history of the territory.

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Euroregion “Neman” shows its willingness to friendly oriented mutually beneficial cross-border cooperation on the territory of Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Russia.

Administrative structure:

  • Council
  • Presidium of Council
  • Secretariat

Contact details:

Bureau of the Secretariat from Belarusian side:
Ozheshko str., 3-67
230023 Grodno
Tel. (+375 152) 743400
Fax (+375 152) 720232
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bureau of the Secretariat from Polish side:
Wesola str., 22
16-400 Suvalki
Tel. (087) 565 36 71
Fax (087) 565 36 72
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bureau of the Secretariat from Russian side:
Kalinina str., 7 
238159 Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region
Tel. (01141) 32216
Fax (01141) 32382
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Bureau of the Secretariat from Lithuanian side:
Vytauto g. 28
tel./fax (+370 343) 91 538
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Activities of the Euroregion:

  • Co-activity in economic relations;
  • Implementation of joint ecological projects;
  • Cooperation in sphere of: education, culture, tourism;
  • Development of border infrastructure.

Implemented projects (participation of Belarusian side):

Annually multisectoral fair «Euroregion «Neman».

Aim of the fair – activization of cooperation between companies from Belarus, Poland Lithuania, Russia; conclusion of contracts; demonstration and sales of consumer goods.

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Apart from that, public associations of “Neman” implemented following projects:

  • «Inforegion «Neman» (2001–2002), and Forum of public associations of Euroregion “Neman” took place within the project; “Neman-info”- an electronic distribution was organized, data base of the Euroregion’s organization was also created;
  • «PoLiBelKa» (2003, 2006) – International youth schools with participation of representatives from public associations of border regions of Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Kaliningrad region of Russia.
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  • Project within Neighborhood CBC Programme “Poland-Belarus-Ukraine” “Biomechanical research and elaboration of methods for improvement of children’ locomotive system, children from Podliaska and Grodno regions”.
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Additionally, within financing, received from Small projects Fund, which is under management of Association of the Euroregion “Neman” (Poland) were implemented several cross-border mini-projects with participation of Belarusian partners, including:

  • «Green lungs of Europe: series of seminars devoted to inventory of monuments of historical and cultural heritage in cross-border regions of Belarus, Poland and Ukraine (2007);
  • Publication of multilingual version of poem by N. Gusovski “The Song of Bison”, Belarusian-Polish version of book “Legends and Myths: from Neman to Bug” and «Traditional cuisine of Belostock and Grodno regions” and etc. (2007);
  • «In search of crossing of cultures»: youth local-history expeditions to Podliaska and Grodo regions (2008–2009).

Sources of finance:

Funds of local budgets, International programmes of technical assistance.

Frontier Checkpoints:

Name of a checkpoint Status of checkpoint Contact phone numbers
1 Berestovitsia - Bobrovniki International +375 (151) 14-41-80 – tel/fax of transport inspection;
+375 (151) 14-41-32
+375 (151) 12-36-25 – on-duty service of frontier checkpoint
2 Bruzgi – Kuznitsia Belostockaya International +375 (0152) 93-43-11 – tel/fax of transport inspection;
+375 (152) 20-25-48, 20-33-50 – on-duty service of frontier checkpoint
3 Pryvalka – Raygardas International +375 (0152) 93-74-65 – tel/fax of transport inspection;
+375 (0152) 93-7-98 – on-duty service of frontier checkpoint
4 Benyakoki–Shalchinenkai International +375 (0159) 49-41-17 – tel/fax of transport inspection;
+375 (0159) 49-41-16 – on-duty service of frontier checkpoint
5 Kamenny Log – Myadininkai International +375 (0159) 33-25-46 – tel/fax of transport inspection;
+375 (0159) 32-32-07 – exit of lorries
+375 (0159) 34-24-85 – on-duty service of frontier checkpoint;
+375 (0159) 34-90-60 – on-duty service of frontier checkpoint
6 Kotlovka – Lavorishkes International +375 (0159) 13-44-95 – tel/fax of transport inspection