Euroregion "Dnepr"



General information

Agreement on creation of Euroregion “Dnepr” was signed on April 29th, 2003 in Gomel. 
Euroregion “Dnepr” has status of observer in Association of European Border regions (AEBR).

Euroregion «Dnepr» unites from Belarusian side Gomel region, from Ukrainian side – Chernigovsk region, from Russian side Briansk region.

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This is the first (and for the moment the only) Euroregion which spreads on the territories of Eastern-Slavic countries.

Territory of the Euroregion is about 107,2 thousand sq. km
Population of the Euroregion is about 5 million people.
Cities in the Euroregion: Gomel, Mozyr, Zhlobin (Republic of Belarus), Chernigov, Nezhyn, Pryluki (Ukraine), Briansk, Novozybkov, Klintsy (Russia).

Brief information about natural, economical and logistic peculiarities of the Euroregion:

There are, on the territory of the Euroregion, many lakes and rivers. The most large navigable rivers are Dnepr, Sozh, Prypiat.

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Euroregion “Dnepr” has enough favorable natural conditions for development of all spheres of human life. Plain shape of the territory favor development of settlements and cities, agricultural use of land, development of industrial enterprises.

Important transport ways go through the territory of the Euroregion these are: railways, highways, international oil pipe-line “Druzhba”, gas pipelines of state importance.


Also on the territory of the Euroregion there are many architectural monuments and historic-cultural places.

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Main goal of Euroregion “Dnepr” – assistance to socially-economical development, scientific and cultural cooperation of border territories of Chernigov, Gomel and Briansk regions.

Administrative Structure:

  • Council of Border community of the Euroregion
  • Community Presidium
  • Community Secretariat
  • Coordination bureau of Secretariat in Gomel, Briansk and Chernigov
  • Revision committee
  • Work groups

Contact details:

Coordination office of Belarusian part of the Secretariat
Gomel regional agency for economic development

246050, Gomel, Feduninskogo str., 16, office 23; 
tel. + 375 232 515643
Bury V.А. – head of Coordination office, director of agency.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Coordination office of Russian part of the Secretariat 
Direction of economy of Briansk region administration

241002, Briansk, Lenin Avenue, 33
Tel. +7 4822 749264
Tatarinov V.А. – Chairman of direction for economy.

Coordination office of Ukrainian part of the Secretariat 
Head direction for economy of Chernigov region state administration

14000, Chernigov, Shevchenko str., 7
tel. +380 462 674656
Akhrimenko Y.V. – Head of direction of external-economic relations

Activities of the Euroregion:

  • Comprehensive economic development;
  • Regional development;
  • Communications, transport, connections;
  • Education, health care, sport and tourism;
  • Protection and improving of environment;
  • Prevention of emergency situations, elemental disasters and their consequences;
  • Assistance to broadening of contacts between inhabitants of border regions, development of cooperation between organizations, institutions.

Implemented projects:

  • Management of the process of Euroregion “Dnepr” territories development;
  • Series of educational seminars on questions regarding projects’ management for non-profit organizations and NGO;
  • Priorities and methods of making decisions on territorial development in cooperation with public.
  • Conference on territories rehabilitation problems, territories effected by the Disaster on Chernobyl NPS.
  • Cluster model of tourism development.
  • Problems with utilization of domestic wastes in Euroregion “Dnepr”.
  • International institute of Slavic studies.

Annually within the framework of Euroregion “Dnepr” activities is being held a range of cultural and sports and etc. events, including:

  • Annually conferences on the Euroregion activities;
  • Annually international youth festival on the border of 3 countries by the Friendship Monument;
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  • International tourist forums;
  • International contests «Slavonic cuisine»;
  • Exhibitions of goods «Siversk contracts»;
  • International festivals «Slavonic theatrical meetings» and many other events.
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Sources of finance:

Funds of regional budgets of participating sides (mostly).

Frontier Checkpoints:

Name of a checkpoint Status of checkpoint Contact phone numbers
1 Glushkevichi – Maydan Kopishansky Interstate/vehicle
Only for citizens of Belarus and Ukraine
+375 (02356) 9-66-99 – on-duty checkpoint service
2 Novaya Rudnya – Vystupovichi International/vehicle +375 (02354) 2-22-43 – vehicle inspection/control
3 Komarin – Slavutich International/vehicle +375 (0232) 43-54-85– on-duty checkpoint service
4 Novaya Guta – Novye Yarylovichi International/vehicle +375 (0232) 74-95-22– on-duty checkpoint service
5 Veselovka – Senkovka International/vehicle +375 (02333) 9-42-94 – tel/fax of customs service at checkpoint
+375 (02333) 4-23-94 – customs service