Euroregion "Ozerny krai"
Monday, 23 August 2010



General information

On the 4th September 1998 in Braslav regulations of Council for cross-border cooperation between border regions of three countries were signed.

On the 29th of December 1999 in Ignalina (Lithuania) the Council received a status of Euroregion; its structure was defined, spheres of cooperation, signed an application to Association of European Border Regions.


Euroregion includes: Braslav district, Verkhnedvinsk district, Miorsk district, Postavy district and Gluboks district (Belarus); Duagavpilsk district, Kraslav district, Preylski district, Rezeknensk district, including Daugavpilsk and Resekne cities (Lithuania); Zarasaysk district, Ignalinsk district, Utensk district and Shvenchensk district, including Visaginas city (Lithuania).

Territory of the Euroregion is about 21,9 thousand
Population of the Euroregion is about 595 thousand people.
Cities of the Euroregion: Braslav, Postavy (Republic of Belarus), Daugavpils, Resekne (Lithuania), Visaginas, Ignalin (Latvia).

Euroregion “Ozerny Krai” is a member of AEBR

Brief information about natural and economic peculiarities of the Euroregion:

Territory of the Euroregion “Ozerny Krai” is model for landscapes of Baltic Lakeland.

Distinctive features of the Euroregion are favorable natural-climatic conditions, attractive landscapes and presence of natural-recreation resources providing variable leisure time.

ozerny_000002.JPG ozerny_000003.JPG

Euroregion “Ozerny Krai” has considerable cultural-historic resources, represented by monumental objects of historic-cultural heritage, handicrafts, museum expositions and regular events (festivals, fairs, competitions and etc.)

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Different companies (of different forms of property) on the territory of the Euroregion represent mainly food industry, processing and light industry.

Development of rural tourism in the Euroregion will facilitate sustainable demand to local goods, which can become a kind of support to local agricultural production and service sphere.

Administrative structure:

Contact details:

Belarusian Bureau
Sovetskaya str., 119, Braslav, 211970, Belarus
tel. + 375 2153 22473 (21419); fax: + 375 2153 29137
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Latvian Bureau
Brivibas str., 13, Kraslava, LV 5601, Latvia
Tел. + 371 656 22201; Факс: + 371 656 22266
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Lithuanian Bureau
Ateities str., 23, LT 30121, Ignalina, Lithuania
tel. + 370 386 52138; Fax: + 370 386 53148
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Activities of theEuroregion:

Implemented projects:

Sources of finance:

Within 10 years were drawn more than 3 million Euro from EC and Norway funds.

Frontier checkpoints:

Name of a checkpoint Status of checkpoint Contact phone numbers
1 Urbany - Silene International +375 (0215) 32-10-90 – tel/fax transport inspection
2 Grigorovschina – Paternieki International +375 (0215)12-03-31 – tel/fax transport inspection
3 Druya – Piedruya Simplified procedure checkpoint
4 Lipovka – Vorzovo Simplified procedure checkpoint
5 Plusy – Kaplava Simplified procedure checkpoint
6 Vidzy – Tviariachus Simplified procedure checkpoint
7 Lyntupy – Papialiakis Simplified procedure checkpoint
8 Moldevichi – Adutishkis Simplified procedure checkpoint